Additional info. about the vinyl used for converting stamps

I’ve been getting some email and comments from stampers who are having difficulty with their converted stamps sticking onto the clear mount blocks even after following the tutorial and making sure their stamps and clear blocks are clean.  A demo. friend of mine (Hi, Jen!)  followed my tutorial and was thinking that she did something wrong because her converted stamp wouldn’t stick to her clear block.  She sent me a sample of the vinyl she bought and I was surprised and dismayed when I saw what she sent.  Her store receipt said that she bought vinyl, but it wasn’t!  It’s clear like vinyl but it’s a type of plastic.  The store had it labeled wrong!  Shame on them!

So I have some ideas to help you get the correct product when you go shopping.  When you’re looking at it in the store, fold it back on itself and it should want to lightly stick together.  Not as if it were glued together, but it will cling together for a second or two.  Vinyl will do that, plastic or whatever this other stuff is won’t.  And I’ve recently discovered some vinyl that’s coated to prevent sticking – not what we want.

To further help you find the correct type of vinyl, I’ll send you a 3″ X 6″ sample piece.  This is enough vinyl for you to convert 1 or 2 stamps and to also take along with you when you go shopping to make sure you get vinyl and not plastic.  To make it even simpler, I now offer it for sale HERE

How to get your sample?  Just click on the button below and select U.S. or Canada.  I’ll get your sample sent to you within 2 – 3 business days.   -Susan

3″ X 6″ Vinyl Sample

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  1. kim says:

    wow- you are the nicest person ever. I wish you lived in Nova Scotia, Canada. I hope your customers love you.

  2. Bev Tank says:

    Thank you for the sample…just ordered through Paypal. I have converted about 7 stamps with what I bought but they don’t cling to my blocks. Can I fix them?
    UPDATE: I think I had the wrong stuff. I ordered a sample from you and then remembered I might have some clear vinyl in a drawer that I purchased several years ago. I tried it, and it worked! I am taking what I purchased back to Joanns because it is definitely NOT vinyl.

    I also was able to fix the other stamps…most everything just peeled right off, and I just repeated the process, so you can let others know it is simple to reconvert. Thanks!

  3. Dali says:

    I, too, bought some ‘vinyl’ from Joanns and it didn’t work at all! I had gotten some at Walmart,but, when I ask the lady about the thickness, she had no clue,but, I bought it anyway. it does ‘stick’ like you said and I am now in the process of using that. Thanks for the ‘tip’. Will post later on the results…

  4. Linda Duensing says:

    I purchases mine at JoAnn’s and specifically asked the clerk if it was vinyl and not plastic. She said that it was vinyl, but it will not stick. After pulling if off the stamp, now there is little glue left. Any suggestions, once I find the right vinyl to use? Thanks.

    Linda D.

  5. I checked the Joann’s here and the vinyl they have looks right, but for some reason it isn’t. I can’t explain why some vinyl seems to work and others doesn’t. Maybe it’s coated with something to prevent sticking as most people buy it for things like tablecloths or other reasons that sticking would not be what they want. The only hints I have about finding the right vinyl are listed above. Linda, I would use one of your stamps as a test when you find the correct vinyl – first try adhering it to the new vinyl without adding any more glue and see how it works. If it works, great! If not, just add more and let it sit till tacky before proceeding. Hope this helps. Susan ; )

  6. Heather in Maine (the way life should be) says:

    I am converting my stamps using the vinyl I purchased from Susan and it works like a charm. It is a lot less aggravation to get it from her and know it is the correct vinyl!

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