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  1. Annette J. says:

    Thanks so much for the videos. They make the conversion look very easy! I will be trying it as soon as I find some vinyl.
    Annette John
    Stampin Up! Demonstrator

  2. Mary says:

    THANKS!! I’ve been wanting to convert my stamps from wood to vinyl but haven’t done so because of the cost of the ez mount foam. I got my vinyl this morning at Jo-Ann’s for $2.99 a yard for 8 gauge clear vinyl, which will do alot of stamps!! Thanks for sharing your idea and videos with all of us!!! :)

  3. Bev Tank says:

    I successfully mounted my stamps with the 8-gauge clear vinyl, but they don’t stick very well to the acrylic blocks or inside my cases. Any suggestions?

  4. Hey Bev! Some of my converted stamps don’t want to stick at first either, and then I remember that I’ve been handling them allot during the conversion process and I’ve gotten oil from my fingers on the vinyl. You can use a paper towel with a bit of Stampin’ Scrub on it to clean off the vinyl and then buff it dry. You may also have to do that with your clear blocks and the inside of the case. That should solve the problem. Thanks for the question!
    -Susan ; )

  5. Kathy T says:

    These are great videos, they give me the confidence to forge ahead and do it! Thanks for sharing this info. I really love the new SU cases and want all my stamps to be unmounted and placed in these cases.

  6. stamper1942 says:

    Thanks so much for these videos. They are wonderful and easy to follow instructions. I have been wanting to convert some of mine to the cling but did not want to use the EZ mount. Thanks again.

    Linda Duensing

  7. scott says:

    These are great videos, they give me the confidence to forge ahead and do it! Thanks for sharing this info.

  8. Crystal M. says:

    I recently moved and have found myself in a smaller stamping area so I’ve decided to unmount my rubber stamps and convert them to clear. I LOVE your videos! They are so detailed and easy to follow. I do have a question about the sticker or index. Most of my collection of stamps are already mounted and the sticker will also be on the wood. Is there a trick to removing them from the wood? I have to admit I haven’t tried yet, but wondered if you had any advice for that. Thanks again for the videos.
    ~Crystal M.

  9. Crystal M. says:

    I just commented and then reread your post about stamping the image on the tissue paper basically making your sticker…. I don’t need to take the sticker off of the wood. One of those duh moments. Any suggestions of what to do with the wood after unmounting my 100+ stamp sets?? Thanks again for the videos!
    ~Crystal M.

  10. Susan Peters says:

    Lots of wood blocks, eh? Hmmmm I’ve been thinking about that, too. Your comment made me remember an idea I had awhile ago. I’ll make something cool and put it on the blog. I’ll try to get that done in the next few weeks and let you know. Stay tuned!

  11. Susan Peters says:

    Crystal – thanks so much for the compliments on the videos! I really appreciate it!

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