Vinyl Sheets now available!

I’ve been hearing from reader’s that they’re having difficulty finding vinyl in their hometown.  After extensive research, I found an online source of quality vinyl that provides consistently good results.   Because it comes on a  large, heavy bolt, making it difficult to ship, I have cut it into convenient sheets (approx. 9″ X 12″) which can easily be sent through the mail.

The picture below shows how many stamps you can fit onto one piece of vinyl.  I’ve outlined a 9″ X 12″ rectangle on a piece of grid paper and filled it with stamps.  It contains:  #114944 Cheers to You, #111618 Crazy For Cupcakes, #111628 Eastern Influences, #109294 Sanded (background), #115560 Simply Thanks, and several stamps from #115030 Lovely Letters Alphabet.  This is to give you an idea of how many stamps you will be able to convert with each sheet of vinyl.

Vinyl Sheet size2

I’m packaging it in 10″ X 13″ Tyvek envelopes and there will be paper separating the sheets of vinyl.  This is not the type of tissue paper that I use to stamp on, it simply keeps the vinyl from sticking together.   Prices include shipping.  These are only $1.75 per sheet when you order the pack of 15!!

U.S. and Canadian customers use buttons below.  Click arrows to access drop-down menu. Select package size of 1, 5, 10 or 15 sheets, then click “Add to Cart.”  For international addresses, email for prices.

Vinyl Sheets U.S. Customers

Vinyl Sheets Canadian Customers

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  1. Linda Duensing says:

    I purchased the 4 and 8 gauge vinyl at a fabric store and have just tried a astamp. Everything work, but it does not cling to my stamp. Does the vinyl have a wrong and right side? Thanks for your help.

    Linda Duensing

  2. The vinyl shouldn’t have a right or wrong side. If yours doesn’t stick to the acrylic block the vinyl must be coated with something to prevent sticking. I know lots of people buy vinyl to use as tablecloths or to line tote bags, so maybe the vinyl you found is coated. Sorry this happened to you. I checked the Joann’s near me and their vinyl doesn’t stick. I think that is where most of the people getting the wrong stuff have purchased theirs. So sorry this is happening. Susan

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