Stampin’ Up! Clear Mount Stamps FAQ

I’ve been getting some questions about the new Stampin’ Up! Clear Mount stamps, so I thought I’d create a “Frequently Asked Questions” segment and share it with you today.

Q: Why am I having trouble getting my stamps to stick or cling to the acrylic blocks?

A:  If you press and hold the stamp in place for a few seconds it will create a stronger hold.  If you still have trouble, check to be sure they are free of dust.  You can also try providing a tiny amount of moisture by huffing or exhaling on them.  This works sort of like a suction cup clinging to a window.  If it has a bit of moisture, it holds better.

Q: After using it a few times, my stamp won’t stick to the acrylic block anymore.  Help?

A: Each time you handle the stamps and the blocks, your fingerprints (which contain natural body oils) can transfer onto them.  Not to mention dust, glitter, embossing powder, etc.  Anything getting between your stamp and the acrylic block can cause them to lose their grip on each other.  Always check to be sure that your acrylic blocks and stamps are clean and dust-free.  It’s the vinyl side (the side that you stick to the block) that we’re concerned with.  The actual rubber side you treat the same as traditional wood mount stamps.  To clean the vinyl side of the stamps, use a cloth or paper towel dampened with water or a 50/50 mixture of Stampin’ Mist and water and then buff dry.  For the acrylic blocks, you can use Stampin’ Mist or if several are in need of cleaning just dump them in a dish of soapy water, rinse well and buff dry.

Q: Why does the stamp fall off the block when I clean it?

A: Because the Clear Mount stamps were designed to be temporarily and not permanently attached to the blocks, they will come off if you clean them too vigorously.  Just brush them more gently across the Stampin’ Scrub and you’ll be fine.  

Q: Some of my stamps come off when I use VersaMark.  What’s up with that?

A: This is more likely to happen with the small stamps because they have less surface area to cling to the acrylic block.  VersaMark is rather sticky and it can pull the smaller stamps off the block.  Larger stamps should be fine.  

I hope this helps and feel free to email me if you have any other questions.  



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