Sweet Treats for your Valentine!

How about something a little different today?  Let's make some treats for our sweeties!  

StampSomeFun_1 It's fun to do, but I'm warning you – it IS messy!  These are homemade marshmallows!  I followed a Youtube video but changed a few things.  First, I sprayed the pan with a little cooking spray, then put in the parchment paper.  The oil helps keep the parchment from moving around too much.  Then I mixed 1/2 cup corn starch and 1/2 cup powdered sugar together and sprinkled a heavy layer of that over the entire bottom of the pan on top of the parchment.  Next I followed this video.  Be REALLY careful pouring the hot mixture into the mixer, then gradually go from slow to high to keep it from splashing out.  I didn't spray any of that oil onto the marshmallow.  Who wants oily marshmallows?  Yuck!  I did add the peppermint extract and also a little red food coloring.  After I dumped the marshmallow mixture onto the corn starch & powdered sugar layer, I did NOT spray it with oil, I sprinkled on another heavy layer of the corn starch & powdered sugar mixture.  Then I placed a piece of parchment over that and gently pressed to level it out.  The next day, I cut it into squares and dusted all sides with the corn starch & powdered sugar mixture.  This keeps them from sticking but they don't absorb much.  Then I put them in a storage container and shook them to knock off the extra powder.  Store in an airtight container.  For the large ones, I shoved in a lollipop stick and coated them in melted chocolate chips.  I thought the chocolate covered the peppermint flavor too much, so I crushed up a Starlite mint and sprinkled it on 2 of them.  For the little ones, I just cut them smaller and put them in a plastic bag.  (Don't forget to dust all cut sides with the powder mixture) They are for adding to hot chocolate.  Mmmmmmmmm!  Hot Chocolate!!!!!!!!  Enjoy these treats with your sweetie!  Susan

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