Enjoy the day! Take some pictures!

It's a beautiful day here in NC.  So far, we've reached 67 degrees!!  Woo hoo!  A great day to enjoy the outdoors, take a walk, go to the park.  Hopefully it's a pretty day where you live, too.  Take some time to enjoy it and don't forget to take along your camera. You never know when you'll see something you want to remember.  Maybe you'll find (like I did) that some of the daffodils are beginning to bloom.  If you're out with your family, you can get some great candid shots and take advantage of natural light so that's one less thing to worry about.  Next time, on SSF Scrapbook Saturday we'll make a scrapbook page using these photos in our continuing series on scrapbooking.  What's SSF Scrapbook Saturday?  It's the Stamp Some Fun (SSF) series of articles I'm doing on scrapbooking that began this month.  If you've missed any, you can find tips on organizing your photos HERE, and HERE.  Yesterday, on the first SSF Scrapbook Saturday, we made a couple of simple pages.  The series will continue every week and cover many subjects with lots of helpful information, tutorials, tips and product recommendations.  I hope you'll join me on this journey to learning more about and making scrapbooks!  Have any questions?  Topics you'd like me to cover?  Please leave a comment here or on any of the SSF Scrapbook Saturday posts.  Please click the Like  button and Tweet This!  button below to tell your friends about this series.  I'll be covering both traditional and digital scrapbooking.  Susan  ; )

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