My Digital Studio & magnetic cardboard!

If you ever put a cat anywhere near cardboard, you'll see something amazing.  Their fuzzy little cat butts are drawn like magnets to the cardboard!  It's irresistible to them!  Happens every time.

SSFCatButtsMDS    With My Digital Studio you can make scrapbook pages any size you like.  Today's is 8" x 8".  Here's what I did: 

▪ Open a new project
▪ Select Multiple Output Options
▪ Select 12" X 12" Square
▪ Select Create Your Own
▪ Name it and click OK
▪ Select Blank Page and your new work window will open.
▪ Select Background Papers; Color; Basic Black; OK
▪ Select Designer Series Paper; Summertime Splender-gergera and Add as Page Layer.
▪ Now you have a white square in the middle of your black page.
▪ Double click on that white square and you'll get a window showing the entire piece of DSP.
▪ Move that white square up to the top left corner and then drag it to select the entire design.  Click OK.
▪ Now it's off center on your black page.  Move the DSP so that it's top left corner is at the 0"-0" mark on the rulers.  You shouldn't see any black.
▪ Now resize the DSP by dragging the right edge left to the 8" mark and the bottom edge up to the 8" mark.  This way you can have the entire piece of DSP, but you've shrunk it to be 8" X 8".  Cool, right?
▪ Now click on the Photo Box. Move it to where you want it on your page and resize if needed.  Repeat for the second Photo Box.  Select the pictures you want and drag them into the photo boxes.  Click Mat and select the size and color you like.  I used Daffodil Delight and Poppy Parade.  Add a Drop Shadow if desired.
▪ Select Add Text to add the wording and then select Stamps and and a design from the Cute Cats set.  Done!    

▪  118108 My Digital Studio, 121067 Summertime Splendor Designer Paper Digital Download 

CLICK HERE  to order these or any other stamping supplies you may need.  ; )

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  1. Heather in Maine (the way life should be) says:

    I swear my cats (6) know when the big brown truck is going to drop off stampin up boxes! Oh, and the brown packing paper is a delight to nest on!

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