Removing excess SNAIL adhesive

A reader recently sent this question: "Please help! I accidentally got too much SNAIL adhesive on the back of a die cut and now it's made a mess on my card.  Is it possible to get the excess adhesive off so I don't have to start my card over again?"

A: Have you tried our amazing Adhesive Remover?  It's just the thing!  Simply use it the same way you would an eraser and it will "rub away" that adhesive.  Item #103684

Adhesive Remover

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  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful reminder! My daughter was finishing up a school project tonight when she accidentally put a 6 inch strip of snail adhesive on the wrong side of her completed paper. We were in a bit of panic & I immediately googled how to remove adhesive. Thankfully, I found this page! I have had the pick up square for at least 6 years and honestly had forgotten about it. Thank goodness for this little miracle square!!! Worked like a charm…absolutely no trace of adhesive was left behind! Thanks again!!

  2. Susan Peters says:

    Jenn, it’s my extreme pleasure to be of service! I’m glad you found this info. and that your daughter’s project was saved. I’d love to see a picture of the project if you don’t mind sharing it in an email to me. Thanks so much for the comment. Susan ; )

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