Customer helpline: Help! My embossing powder has clumps in it!

Stampin' Up! makes embossing powders that are high quality, perform well and have a long shelf life.  However, any embossing powder can be effected by humidity which can cause it to clump.  Here are a few tips to help avoid problems.

Always keep your containers of embossing powder tightly covered when not in use.

Keep a silica gel packet in the container if you have ever had clumped powder or experience humid seasons.  Silica gel packets are small and usually white with blue writing.  They're typically found in the box when you purchase new shoes.  They can be found packed inside new purses and other products as well.

If you find clumps in your embossing powder it doesn't mean it's gone bad.  Simply pour the powder into a larger container, cover and shake vigorously to break up the clumps.  Then place and keep a silica gel packet in the container to prevent future clumping.  The gel packets should last about 2 years.

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