Designer Tip: Paper Cutter Blade Refills

This was originally posted on Feb. 20 and had to be redone to protect the photos.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did you know that the blades for our paper cutter are double sided?  So you actually get 2 nice sharp blades every time you pop in a new refill!  The easiest way to make a cut is to have your paper butted up against the top guide and simply slide the blade from the bottom up to the top. This keeps your paper straight and you get a nice clean cut.  There's no need to press down on the blade, just slide it.

 When you notice the cuts starting to get a little ragged and not so clean, simply pop out the blade and put it back in so that the unused side is now facing the top.  But … you can't tell just by looking, which side is which and if you drop it (easy to do) you don't know which is the used side and which is the sharp side.  OK, now what?

 What I recommend is to mark one side of each new refill before you use it and to use the marked side first.  That way, you always know which side is which.  Easy, peasy!

104152 Stampin' Up! Paper Cutter 
104153 Cutting Blade Refills (2)

I104152F I104153F To order your paper cutter and refill blades, just click HERE.

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  1. Roseann Boyle says:

    Thanks Susan what a good idea, again.:0)

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    What a good idea.. Its very useful information for me.. Its a great and nice

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