SSF Scrapbook Saturday Picture Taking Tips

Today I'd like to share a few Picture Taking Tips.  There are several, but today we'll just discuss 3; Close-ups, Different Viewpoint, and Using Light.

Close-up1  #1 Close-ups My daughter spent a week touring Germany last year and brought back tons of pictures as you can imagine.  Sometimes what you want to capture makes a better photo if you get close and only get a portion of your subject.  

This photo shows a rather impressive object and I can see why she wanted it, but there's too many things in the picture.  It's distracting and cluttered.


This is where she zoomed in and only got the figurine on the top.  This picture looks balanced and is more pleasing to the eye.

I think it would be rather striking if she enlarged it and framed it for her wall.

Different Viewpoint  


#2 Different Viewpoint:  Guitar Heros, gotta love 'em!  Taking a picture from a different viewpoint; in this case looking up, gives an effect similar to how you'd photograph performers if they were up on stage and you were in the audience.  Make your Guitar Hero scrapbook pages more fun using a shot like this!





#3 Using Light:  Experiment using different sources of lighting.  In this picture there are 2 light sources; the setting sun and the lamp post.  This picture also uses another technique – having your subjects off-center which gives you a more interesting photo.

I hope you try these tips and techniques.  They're quite easy and the results can be beautiful, fun or both!

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