Time for a change and kindness from a friend

Today I found some pictures that I had almost forgotten about.  They were taken when our daughters were little and did silly things.  Our younger daughter, Tracy, had (and still does) long hair and liked those fuzzy hair thingies.  One day she decided to share with Eeore and I couldn't resist taking a picture.  I decided to make it into a card for a friend of mine who listened when I was going through some difficulty.  The picture looks like he's listening and that's what a good friend does.  

 I'm very sorry to report that I've been forced to make some changes to my blog.  You'll notice that some of the pictures (like this one) are no longer clickable to give an enlarged view.  We're also working (actually my wonderful husband is doing the work) on creating a larger watermark to add to all my photos.  A few days ago I was told that some of my original pictures turned up in another person's newsletter.  She had cropped off my watermark and allowed her readers to believe that the idea and photos were hers.  This is not the first time someone has claimed credit for my original work or ideas.  What saddens me the most is that it effects you, my faithful readers, because I have to make changes to protect my work.  Please know that most of my pictures will remain clickable.  Please know that I am here to teach and inspire and I love it when you look at my cards and make them your own. If you want to duplicate a card or project; please do – that's why I've written the tutorials.  If you like the idea of taking a silly photo and turning it into a card, go for it.  That idea is not mine, just this particular photo of Eeore.  That's what inspiration is all about.  Seeing something and adding your own personal touch.  The problem comes when someone does a "copy" of my photos and/or words and "paste" into their blog or newsletter.  Fortunately, most people are honest.  I hope you will continue to visit for new ideas, projects and inspiration.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Susan ; )

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  1. Camille Craven says:

    Oh Susan,
    How unethical to claim your creations as their own. I guess I just don’t understand people like that. You are so kind to share like you do. Just remember “what goes around comes around” and you will receive only kindness.

  2. Susan Peters says:

    Thanks Camille. I appreciate your comments and support. You’re a jewel! Susan ; )

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