Designer Tips – Paper Snips

Do you like cutting out stamped images on occasion?  Do you struggle with the best way to trim it out so it looks nice?  Do you ever try to cut out a round shape, but it comes out choppy?  Let me suggest our Paper Snips.  These small, thin-bladed scissors are perfect for all your paper trimming needs. They are great for snipping that little bit of paper or when trimming ribbon. Thin stainless steel blades for perfect cutting in even the tiniest areas.

■ Precision-ground tips allow for cutting all the way to the end of the blades
■ Protective shield (safety cover)
■ Comfort-grip handle for ease in cutting
■ Exclusive to Stampin’ Up!
■ 2-1/2" blade

 Here's my Designer tip:  For smooth cuts, cut slowly, turning the paper not the scissors.  The only motion of the scissors should be to open and close.  Work in a well lighted area and take your time.  With a little practice, you'll be a pro in no time!

103579 Paper Snips

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