Stampin’ Scrub Back in Stock!

The long wait is over and I'm happy to tell you that Stampin' Scrub and refill pads are back in stock!  If you're wondering what the best way is to keep your stamps clean and conditioned, this is it.  I highly recommend using both of these products.  As a seasoned stamper, I've tried many different products and these are by far the best for taking care of your stamps and ensuring they last for years and years.  

Stampin' Scrub
Cleaning your stamps is easy with our Stampin’ Scrub. The pads are large enough for even our largest background stamps. Lightly spray one pad with our Stampin’ Mist and leave the other one dry. For best results, do not oversaturate the pad. Scrub your stamp on the damp pad, then rub it on the dry pad to remove any leftover ink and moisture. Now you’re ready to change colors and continue stamping or to put your stamps away. Cleaning the removable pads is a snap—just rinse out the pads and allow to air dry. 

■ Holds 2 removable black scrubbing pads (included).
■ Stampin’ Scrub measures approximately 7" x 5-3/4" 
■ Exclusive Stampin’ Up! design
■ Replaceable pads

102642 Stampin' Scrub open  102642 Stampin' Scrub closed 101230 Stampin' Scrub Refill

Stampin' Scrub (open)       Stampin' Scrub (closed)            Refill Pads
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  

 Stampin’ Mist is a specially formulated spray that both cleans and conditions your rubber stamps. You can spray it directly on your Stampin’ Scrub. It comes in a convenient spray bottle and refills are available. Cleans all types of ink from rubber.

■ Stampin’ Mist comes in nonaerosol spray bottle
■ 2 oz. of Stampin’ Mist
■ 8 oz. refill available

  102394 Stampin' Mist 101022 Stampin' Mist Refill
 Stampin' Mist          Stampin' Mist 8 oz. Refill

For cleaning and conditioning your stamps, nothing beats Stampin' Mist and Stampin' Scrub.  Remember to always store your stamps away from sunlight and they will last you for years and years!  Keep your stamps clean and happy!

 Order today!

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