A card from our girl!

Well, our daughter closed on her townhouse and is all moved in.  I’ll share some pictures soon.  Looky!  She made us a card!

Handmade  Cards from Sarah are always a treat to get.  She fills them up with the kindest and funniest things, I just love getting them!  Some of what she wrote was: “A simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem sufficient … you have been supporting me with your presence throughout the entire process – viewings, inspection, figuring out budget stuff, closing, driving the UHaul truck … And for being an encourager and cheerleader!!  Mom you know you got more excited than I did at certain points!!”

 It was an interesting process and a big learning experience for all of us.  I learned that my most important role in this was to mostly be a cheerleader and a listening ear.  My husband was there to help her with business decisions and to guide her through some of the steps to figuring out what she could and couldn’t afford and many very useful “homeowner” type stuff
.  It’s a good thing I didn’t go along for many of the viewings as I tend to get too excited or opinionated trying to convince her to want the features I like.  It had to be her decision, not mine.  She has a good head on her shoulders and made intelligent decisions.  Can you tell how proud we are of her!  She also had an awesome realtor – Thanks Jed!  You’re the best!  If you’re looking for a NC realtor in the Research Triangle Park area, please consider Jed Gronewald!  You can find him HERE.  And be sure to tell him that Susan Peters sent you!

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