SSF Scrapbook Saturday – Mousey Friend

Our silly cat has a catnip mouse that she enjoys playing with.  One of our daughters named it "Mousey Friend" and the name stuck.  So now every catnip mouse we get is dubbed "Mousey Friend".  

MouseyFriend Designing a scrapbook page can be as easy as this one.  I just took some pictures, cropped them and placed them on matching mats that were cut a little larger than the picture.  I then printed out the message on white and matted it in the same color as the pictures.  Layer them all on a piece of designer paper and add a few coordinating stamps if desired.  This can be done either digitally or the traditional way using card stock, stamps, ink, adhesive and designer paper.

Do you have any scrapbooking questions you'd like me to answer?  Put them in a comment and I'll answer on a future SSF Scrapbook Saturday.  Susan ; )

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  1. Olivia says:

    Giggle…so precious!!!
    Made me smile.
    Hugs to your kitty and Mousey Friend. :)


  2. Susan says:

    Thanks Olivia! She is so fuzzy and soft that I want to hug her all the time, but sadly (for me) she takes a dim view of that. She thinks she’s one of those Egyptian cat goddesses and considers us her servants as in: feed me, give me fresh water, open the door for me (even though it has a kitty door), bring me more catnip. Susan ; )

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