SSF Scrapbook Saturday – Photographing Pets

We have a house cat, but very few people have seen her in person.  Why?  Look up "Scaredy Cat" in the dictionary and you'll probably see her picture.  She was a rescue cat, but after living safely with us for 10 years you'd think that she would learn to trust.  Apparently we need a cat psychologist or cat whisperer or something.  Anyway, she discovered that I'd left my fuzzy robe on the couch the other day and fell asleep on it.  She was so adorable that I wanted a picture and was afraid that I'd scare her away or wake her up at the very least if I got close.  Then I tried something new and got this great shot.

Sachi Sleeping

 I turned on all the lights in that room and then sat on the floor beside the couch pretending this was a normal activity.  I waited for her to fall back asleep, then I turned the camera on and made sure the flash was turned off.  I set it on manual focus and snapped a few shots.  She was totally ignoring me and continuing to sleep!  I changed the camera setting to macro and got nice and close.  This was my favorite picture of the bunch.  I can't believe I got it!  Since that worked so well, I was in the mood to try to get some shots of the neighbors cat that hangs out on our back steps.  He's friendly enough, but is hard to photograph because he always wants to move around and get attention.  So I walked down the steps leaving him on the top landing and ignored him till he gave up on me playing with him.  The camera was still set on macro so I just held it close to the bars of the railing and snapped off several shots until he started grabbing for the camera. Little Kitty 2 Little Kitty 1 Little Kitty Paw

 He's quick!  But no worries, he's friendly and was just wanting to play. Getting great shots of pets is best if you can get close to their level so that you shoot them straight on instead of looking down at them.  I hope these tips help.  Have a great day!  Susan ; )

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