Stampin’ Q&A: Can I re-ink my marker?

Here's a question I've gotten a few times; Can I re-ink my Stampin' Write Marker?

A: Yes!  Stampin' Up! sells high quality markers and when they are getting dry, you can easily add more ink to them.  Here's how:  Working with the larger brush end – take the matching color re-inker bottle and squeeze a few drops of ink directly onto the nib and let it soak in.  Alternately you can remove the nib by grabbing it with a tweezers and gently pulling it out of the marker barrel.  Lay it in the cover of an embellishment container or any small plastic container and add a few drops of ink.  Let it absorb and then reinsert into the marker barrel.  If desired, you can add a drop of ink into the barrel of the marker before reinserting the nib.  Replace the cap onto the marker and lay it horizontally overnight so that the ink is evenly distributed to both nibs.  Your marker is now good as new!

Stampin' Write Marker    Stampin' Up! Ink Refill

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