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Today's the day!  The Holiday Mini is now live!  This catalog has so many fun products and ideas, you'll have trouble choosing which project to do first!  We're proud to present the most awesome scoring tool on the market.  It's called Simply Scored and has so many features, it's easily the best one available.  There are many items in this catalog I'm drooling over, but the Simply Scored is easily at the top of my list.  Why?  What's not to like?  It's amazing!



Introducing Stampin' Up!'s original scoring tool Simply Scored

122334 Simply Scored


Designed exclusively by and for Stampin' Up! With etched grooves every 1/8", and the ability to score card stock up to 12" x 12", the Simply Scored scoring tool helps you create perfectly measured score marks.  It's great for creating multiple projects or projects with a variety of score marks!

  • Designed exclusively by Stampin' Up!, the Simply Scored scoring tool is loaded with unique benefits. It comes with a high-quality stylus–with two different sizes of tips–that will comfortably glide over all of your projects, as well as a hidden storage compartment for extra tools and markers!
  • The Simply Scored scoring tool makes duplicating projects easier than ever before. No more pulling out your ruler and measuring over and over again–just attach the place markers exactly where you need them and create!
  • The Simply Scored scoring tool has score lines every 1/8" and fits all kinds and sizes of paper up to 12" x 12". Use it on your favorite card stock and Designer Series Paper!
  • Beyond perfecting scoring, use the Simply Scored scoring tool to add texture to any paper, create 3-D boxes and projects, and so much more. Unleash your creativity–there is no limit to what you can do with this new tool!

Features of the Simply Scored Scoring Tool

  • Comes with a high-quality stylus instead of a plastic bone folder.
    • Stylus is ergonomically shaped and features a comfort grip.
    • The high-quality metal tips on each end of the stylus–they come in two sizes–glide smoothly over your paper.
  • Features a unique set of place markers that let you mark your score lines when creating multiple projects with the same score lines.
    • Includes three place markers.
    • Additional place markers can be purchased for flawless scoring.
  • Includes a hidden storage compartment in the back of the base to hold your scoring tools.
  • Accommodates card stock up to 12" x 12".

Product Details

  • Item 122334; $29.95
  • Simply Scored includes
    • 1 scoring board
    • 1 stylus
    • 3 place markers
  • Dimensions of scoring board: 15-1/8" x 13-1/4" x  1"
  • Additional products available:
    • Simply Scored Stylus (if you need an extra one)
      • Item  125624; $4.50
      • Dimensions: 5-7/16" (13,8 cm)
    • Simply Scored Place Markers (pack of 6)
      • Item 125625; $2.50
      • Dimensions: 1/4" x 1" (6,4 x 25,4 mm)

I'm working on projects and tutorials so stay tuned! 

Susan  ; )

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