I’m in trouble now!

While I had planned to make a card for today, it isn't working out.  My daughter came over to show me how to make hummus and I told her that I ordered an iPhone.  She then showed me some great free apps to get and one of them is called Cat Physics.  I started playing it on her iPhone and am addicted!  I couldn't stop and now I've run out of time for the day.  Who knew that that silly game would be so fun?  I hope you're not too dissappointed about the card.  

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  1. Carla Keith says:

    My iPhone is my favorite tech toy! My son-in-law and I are in a cutthroat game of Words with Friends (a Scrabble game you can play across the miles). I’m ahead currently, but he always comes back to win. I tell him I let him so he’ll continue to send pics and videos of my two-year-old grandson for me to watch on my phone. You’ll love it. Congratulations!

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