Birthday Card Pop-Up!

Remember yesterday's birthday card?  I promised to show you a pop-up gift box to put inside.

Bday Gift Pop-Up

 When you open the card we made yesterday, this gift box pops up!  Who wouldn't be surprised and impressed when you give them a card like this?  It's great for any gift giving occasion!

 I promised to give you the gift box tutorial today.  Ready to learn how?  Let's go!



Pop-Up Gift Box_1

Cut a 1-1/2" x 2-3/4" piece of fan print DSP.  Score at 1/2", 1" and 2-1/4".

This illustration is a solid color (not the DSP) so that you can see the score lines better.  You will be working with your piece of DSP.




Next, punch a Blossom from Poppy Parade CS with the Triple Layer Blossom Punch using setting or position 3.




Pop-Up Gift Box_2

  Now lay the punched blossom onto your scored DSP as shown.  You want the fan print facing up as shown below.  Using ordinary household cellophane tape, tape the bottom portion of the blossom only.  Make sure the tape does not cover or go above the score line.


Next, cut a 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" piece of fan print DSP and adhere over the panel that has the tape on it.  


Pop-Up Gift Box_3

The photos show the blossom taped onto the scored DSP and then the small DSP piece layered over the bottom of the blossom punch. I know it's hard to see those score lines, but they're there.




Fold all score lines to form the shape below.

Pop-Up Gift Box_4a

Pop-Up Gift Box_5aAdhere the bottom 1/2" panel of the gift box to the inside of your card aligning the edge with the crease of the card as shown above. (click photo to enlarge)

Now apply SNAIL adhesive to the top 1/2" section and close the card.

Pop-Up Gift Box_7

Press over the area where the gift box is to secure.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and this card.  The patterns and colors make this a card suitable or anyone on your list!  The supply list is the same as yesterday when we made the main card.  If you like this card and would like to see more pop-ups, please leave a comment and don't forget to click the like button!  Susan ; )

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