Simple Scrapbook Page using My Digital Studio Express

MDS Express Page1Have you started your My Digital Studio 30 Day FREE Trial yet?  Are you curious what you can do with it?  Today’s scrapbook page was made using only the digital downloads included in MDS Express.  This page comes together quickly and easily.
Here’s how:

1) Open My Digital Studio > Photobooks and Individual Pages > 12″ x 12″ Square > Create Your Own

On the top left side of your MDS screen is the Resource Palette 

The icons represent (from left to right):  Photos, Embellishments, Stamps, Punches, Photo Layouts, Background Papers.  Click the icon you want to access.

2) Resource Palette > Background Papers > Browse.  Click the arrow to the left of Designer Series Paper.  Click the arrow to the left of Designer Kits and select Sweet Details, click Open.

3) Scroll down to Sweet Details – 7 and double click on it.  Your page is now filled with this pattern.  

4) Resource Palette > Stamps > Browse > Sweet Details > Open.  Double click on any daisy image to have it appear on your page.  Move to position desired.  Use some daisies full size and reduce the size of others.  Change colors if desired.  Arrange as desired or use the photo as a reference.  You can lighten the color of any stamp by adjusting the Opacity slider.

5) The right side of your MDS screen is the Design Center.  Design Center > Photos > Photo Box.  Resize as desired.  You can drag it into the top left corner and use the rulers as a guide.  When it’s the size you want, move to desired location.  Click Mat, move the slider to 6, change the color to Melon Mambo and click OK.  

6) Resource Palette > Photos > select the one you want to use and drag it onto the photo box. 

7) If another mat is desired:  Resource Palette > Punches > Basics > Open.  Double click the 1.25 Square Punch, change the color to Chocolate Chip and resize it to be a little larger than your matted photo.  Arrange it to be under the matted photo. (top menu bar: Arrange > Order > Send to Back)

8) Resource Palette > Embellishments > Browse > Grossgrain Ribbon > Open
Scroll down to find Melon Mambo and double click to add it to your page.  Add 2 more and move into position.

9) Resource Palette > Punches > Browse > Labels and Tags > Open
Double click on the Modern Label Punch and move into desired position.  Change the color to Chocolate Chip.  Do a “copy and paste” to create a duplicate of this punch, change the color to So Saffron, reduce it slightly and position it to be layered over the Chocolate Chip label. 

10) Design Center > Text > Add Text.  Select the font and size desired, then type what you want on your label.  Drag this text box onto your layered Modern Label punches.  

Your page is finished.  If you want to go a little more advanced you can color in the center of any daisy.  The easiest one to begin with is the daisy with the round center.  Double click to add it to your page and leave it full size.  

Resource Palette > Punches > Basics > Open

Double click on the 1.25 Circle Punch to add it to your page.  Move it to the center of your daisy and enlarge to cover the round center of the flower.  Color Fill > So Saffron.

Click on the daisy > Arrange > Order > Bring to Front

Select both the daisy and the colored circle > Arrange > Group.

You can now move it, resize it or rotate it.  If you want another simply select it > Copy > Paste.

The other daisies require an oval punch for the centers.  It will have to be resized and rotated into position.

If you haven’t gotten your FREE My Digital Studio trial yet, please give it a try.  You get 30 days of obligation-free playing.  Making this page is quicker than reading through all the instructions.  It sounds harder than it is.  Give it a whirl and you’ll see what I mean.  Click HERE to get yours today!  Remember, it’s FREE for 30 days

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  1. Trish says:

    I am not a scrapbooker but I intend to follow your step by step instructions to help me learn more about My Digital Studio. Thanks for the detailed information.

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