Stampin’ Q&A -Printing a Card made in MDS

Hello!  Today I'd like to answer a question I received on this post.

Q: If I am going to print this card for myself, how do I work with it to create a card with the correct front, plain insides, and the MDS tag on the back? 

A: If you look at the bottom of your MDS (My Digital Studio) screen you will see this:

MDS screen (card)

 This represents the four panels of your card.  
1 is your card front
2 is the inside front of your card
3 is the inside panel that you normally write your message on
4 is the back of your card with the MDS tag already there.

As you can see, the first panel "1" is highlighted.  This is so you know which panel you are currently working on.  To select a different panel, simply click on it.  When you are finished designing your card, go to the top Menu Bar and click on "Share Project" then "Card"

MDS Print a card

This opens the Card and Tag Wizard which will walk you through the process.

My Digital Studio is easy and fun to design with.  It allows you to make cards, scrapbook pages, tags, calendars, photo albums …  
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Susan ; )

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