Retiring Colors and Tax Refunds!

2010-2012 In Colors By now you’ve heard that our list of retiring stamps has been announced.  

On May 31 the 2010-2012 In Colors will also retire and the new 2012-2014 In Colors will be announced.  

The 2011-2013 In Colors will be available for one more year.  

Stampin’ Up!’s large collection of accessories is based on a foundation of our four exclusive color families. Because most of our products are designed to complement each other, we’ve taken the guesswork out of color coordination. Each of our exclusive colors is organized into one of our color families: Brights, Regals,  Subtles, and Neutrals.  Each of the color families contains 10 colors.  Each of our exclusive In Color collections (5 colors each) is available for a period of 2 years.  Every year we add one and retire one, so there are always 2 In Color collections available.  

This means you will always have 50 Exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors (& oodles of color-cordinated accessories) to work with! Click any of the photos below to see our exclusive color families.  


Regals Neutrals








Tax Refunds!  Who wouldn’t love getting a tax refund?  Because every state has a different tax rate and I can’t really give a tax rebate, I’m giving a 10% product rebate to anyone who places an order between now and 12:00 noon Thursday, April 19.  The 10% will be on your product order only, you pay full shipping and tax.  

Here’s how:
Option 1 – go to my online store HERE and place your order as usual.  I’ll send you a check for 10% of the products ordered. (If you have PayPal, that would be quicker refund.)  

Option 2email me your order and I’ll place it for you.  I’ll call you for your credit card number and you’ll be charged for 90% of the product order plus full shipping and tax.  Either way you save 10% off your order!


Happy shopping & saving!

Susan ; )

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