My Digital Studio color matching tutorial

Hi!  It’s another My Digital Tuesday and here’s a fun scrapbook page I made using MDS (My Digital Studio) and a photo my daughter sent me this morning.color matching with My Digital Studio
Meet Guenhwyvar (Gwen – a – var) a sweet natured kitty.  She’s so amazingly soft and so black that all previous pictures of her turned out as nothing more than a  black blob with glowing eyes.  I just love this picture because you can see how pretty she is and how strikingly beautiful her eyes are.  I wanted to make a scrapbook page using MDS so I could create mats under the photo that perfectly color matched her eyes!  It’s so easy to do!  Begin by adding your photo to the page.  Click on the photo to select it and then click on Mat. You will see a window pop up like this: MDS Photo mat

To change the color of the mat from white to the green in her eyes, click the word Change and the next window will pop up.

MDS Mat Color PickerSee where it says Picker? Click that and another window like the one below will pop up.MDS Color Picker window

The square to the right will be white until you hover your cursor over the photo on the left.  Move your cursor over the photo until the little plus sign (+) is on the color you want, then click your mouse.  The selected color will then appear in the rectangular bar at the bottom.  When it’s the color you want, click OK.  Now you’ll see this window:MDS Mat Size adjustment

See the slider to the right of the word Size?  Move that to adjust the width of the mat.  When you have the size you want, click OK and you’re done!  Do you have questions about My Digital Studio?  Add a comment and let me know!  Still haven’t tried MDS yourself?  How about a free trial?Start Your MDS FREE 30 Day Trial

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