Undefined Stamp Carving Kit – anyone can do it!

Have you tried your hand at carving your own custom stamp yet?  It’s easier than you think and so much fun!  I actually find it relaxing.  I started carving stamps over 10 years ago and I still love doing it.  My 20 year old nephew has been visiting and I asked him if he’d like to give it a try.  I showed him how to use the tools and how to transfer a pencil drawing onto the carving block.  Then I left him alone.  I think he did great and he had never done it before.Undefined Stamp Carving Kit

The “M H” stamp are his initials and the “Marshall” is a stylized font that he designed.  The mustaches are a gift he plans to give to someone.  (I’m keeping it a secret!)  Then I mounted his 2 stamps on wood blocks and put them in one of our Half Wood Mount Cases.  The label on the case was designed in My Digital Studio and then stamped with his stamps.Half Wood Mount Stamp Case with Undefined Carved Stamps inside   Undefined stamp used as a tattoo

He told me to stamp his arm and we made a temporary tattoo.  How fun would that be at a birthday party?  Oh yeah!  Lots of ideas are popping into my head now!  Marshall carving a stamp using the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit

Here’s  the “Marsh-Man” hard at work.  So now you know!  It really is easy and fun to carve your own stamps.  Aren’t you ready to give it a try? 133402 Undefined Stamp Carving Kit: what's included

The kit contains everything you need: carving block, mounting foam, wood blocks, carving tools, Stampin’ Write Marker, a few postcards to stamp, instructions and a sheet of ideas.

Click Here to get your Undefined Stamp Carving Set TODAY! You’ll be glad you did!

Send me a picture of the stamps you carved using this kit and tell me a little bit about it.  Yours may be featured in a future “episode” of hand carved stamps on my blog!  (Bragging rights included!)

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