9/11 Never forget this day

Today marks the 12th anniversary of one of the five deadliest terrorist attacks in U.S History.  It’s hard to believe it was 12 years ago already.  I remember standing frozen in front of the television watching the horror and having a hard time believing that such a thing was possible.  I remember having a hard time leaving the house that day, but it was my regular day to volunteer at the Wake County Women’s Shelter and I felt an obligation to go in as usual.  We did get work accomplished but the only conversations were about the attacks and how unbelievable it was.  How could this be happening?  It was just inconceivable that anyone could plan such evil on innocent citizens.  I still have a hard time understanding how human beings can carry out such evil deeds.  Please remember this day and especially the nearly 3,000 innocent lives that were needlessly taken.  All the mothers and fathers who lost sons, daughters or grandchildren.  All the husbands and wives who lost spouses.  All the children who lost a parent or grandparent.  All the thousands who lost a friend or loved one.  There is no reasonable explanation or excuse, but it happened.

World Trade Center: before the terrorist attacks

World Trade Center before 9/11/2001

World Trade Center during terrorist attacks 9/11

World Trade Center during terrorist attacks 9/11/2001

World Trade Center after terrorist attacks 9/11

World Trade Center after terrorist attacks 9/11/2001

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