Vinyl for converting wood mount to clear mount back in stock!

Many of you have seen my videos and photo tutorials on converting your wood mount stamps to clear mount using my Tissue & Vinyl Technique and have successfully converted your stamps.  Well, guess what?  I finally have vinyl back in stock and ready to go!  Order buttons are below.  If you […] Read more »

Sweet Treats for your Valentine!

How about something a little different today?  Let's make some treats for our sweeties!   It's fun to do, but I'm warning you – it IS messy!  These are homemade marshmallows!  I followed a Youtube video but changed a few things.  First, I sprayed the pan with a little cooking […] Read more »

Embedded Embossing and Double Embossing

Have you ever see those beautiful wooden boxes with inlaid designs made from different colors of wood?  It takes hours and hours of careful work.  We can have embedded embossing on our cards for a fraction of the time and work.  Look closely; it appears as if the different colors […] Read more »

Additional info. about the vinyl used for converting stamps

I’ve been getting some email and comments from stampers who are having difficulty with their converted stamps sticking onto the clear mount blocks even after following the tutorial and making sure their stamps and clear blocks are clean.  A demo. friend of mine (Hi, Jen!)  followed my tutorial and was […] Read more »

Converting wood mount stamps to clear mount tutorial

Step-by-step photo tutorial showing my new technique for converting wood mount stamps to clear mount. You will learn how to convert unmounted stamps how to handle difficult stamps and how to easily unmount stamps that are already mounted onto wood blocks. Easy to follow tutorial for this extremely inexpensive technique. There are videos of this technique as well. Read more »